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  • Silicon steel core
    Silicon steel core
    Silicon steel core
  • Hall Effect Current Sensor Core
    Hall Effect Current Sensor Core
    We manufacture Tape Wound Cores for Current Sensors with the following soft magnetic materials:-Grain oriented silicon steel 23JGSD085, 23JGH090 ( JFE Japan)-Grain oriented silicon steel 23ZDMH085, 23ZH090 ( Nippon steel Japan)-Grain oriented silicon steel B23P085 ( Baosteel)-Grain oriented silicon steel 23SQGD085, 23SQG090 ( Shougang)-Fe-based Nanocrystalline ribbon 1K107B-Fe-based Amorphous ribbon 1K101APPLICATIONS1.Current sensors for automotive industry2.Current sensors for automation control industry3.Current Transducers
  • Electric Toroidal Power Transformer Custom Audio Transformers
    Electric Toroidal Power Transformer Custom Audio Transformers
    TOROIDAL TRANSFORMERSTransformers based on toroidal cores. Transmart has full control from core to finished transformer manufacturing. Toroidal transformers are considerably smaller and lighter than similar conventionally EI transformers. The construction is ideal in installations which require low magnetic radiation and very low weight, flexible dimensions and optimum conditions between dimensions are preferable.APPLICATIONSLighting system / Power converter, chargerAudio amplifier, public broadcasting and Security power systemUPS, energy storage, inverterAutomatic door, elevator controlPV / Wind power control
  • Toroidal transformer
    Toroidal transformer
    Toroidal transformer
  • Warehouse
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