amorphous magnetic material

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  • Amorphous Block Cores and Inductor Core for Motor Drive Amorphous Block Cores and Inductor Core for Motor Drive
    AMORPHOUS BLOCK COREAmorphous block cores made of Amorphous soft magnetic material 1K101, they are suitable for inductors especially for those used in high-power capacity. These cores contribute to improve efficiency of inductors.APPLICATIONS1.Medium frequency AC inductor for alternative energy generator2.Motor drive3.DC/DC converter4.Reactor for PV inverter5.Filter reactor for high-frequency switching power supply
  • Amorphous Cores Amorphous Cores
    Amorphous Cores
  • Amorphous C-core Amorphous C-core
    Amorphous C-core. This product is in high demands among the customers across the country. Our experienced team pays much more attention to the crafts design of . The product can last for a long time. It is built with an intelligent circuit which can provide protection from overload protection or electrical leakage.

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