PCB Mounted Toroidal transformer

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  • Intro to Toroidal PCB Transformers with Triple Schielding Ultra-low Magnetic Leakage TRANSMART
    Intro to Toroidal PCB Transformers with Triple Schielding Ultra-low Magnetic Leakage TRANSMART
    Revolutionary potting toroidal transformer is meticulously designed for high-end audio.Until now, perfectly integrating electrostatic, electromagnetic, and magnetic shielding within a potting toroidal transformer's design was seemed inconceivable. Thanks to its advanced triple shielding technology, it can effectively eliminate any interference that might affect sound quality.Electrostatic shielding  prevents high-frequency noise, electromagnetic shielding blocks environmental EMI.Magnetic shielding further isolates the transformer, reducing its magnetic leakage by 80% and preventing any disturbance that could affect delicate audio signals, eliminating noise or hum in high-end devices. Crafted for perfection, it features a high-permeability, low-core-loss quality toroidal core, premium Oxygen-free copper coils, an epoxy potting and pin design. This trio ensures power stability, working efficiency, and exceptional voltage regulation capabilities, offering the ultimate audio fidelity experience-pure, dynamic, and superior. It's for the connoisseurs who understand that true high-end audio requires components that push the boundaries of technology and design.Boasting superior triple-shielding technology and a perfectly designed structure pushed to the limits, transformers are crafted to be the pure heart of high-end audio.  They deliver flawless power for circuits, aligning with stringent EMC standards to eliminate any possible interference and contamination at the source.This is not just an upgrade; it is a transformation to high-end sound at any cost.  Embrace the pinnacle of audio technology and step into a world where music is reborn. 
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