• Intro to Nanocrystalline Core for High Frequency Transformer TRANSMART Intro to Nanocrystalline Core for High Frequency Transformer TRANSMART
    Unlike ferrite magnetic cores, the shape of nanocrystalline alloy thin strip magnetic cores in their free state is prone to deformation. When such deformation occurs, the magnetic properties deteriorate sharply. Therefore, it is necessary to skeleton or install protective boxes on the surface of nanocrystalline alloy soft magnetic cores for protection. Installing the magnetic core into a closed protective box or using surface spraying or electrostatic spraying to form a resin or plastic protective layer is a conventional protection method. Another solution is to wrap the outer surface of the magnetic core with glass fiber and add an epoxy resin layer.During the entire process of using nanocrystalline magnetic rings (ultra microcrystalline iron cores) in inverter power supplies, there have been some problems such as noise, ductility, consistency, etc. These problems have already been gradually addressed. High power inverters and switching power supplies have developed relatively mature and are widely used in various fields. They have the advantages of small size, high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. At present, it has been widely used in industries such as inverter welding machines, power systems, electroplating process electrolysis power supplies, induction heating equipment, charging power supplies, etc., and there will be even greater improvements in the next two years.Features:High saturation magnetic induction intensityHigh magnetic conductivityHigh permeabilityLow coercivityLow remanenceLow core lossGood temperature stabilityCompact sizeEmail: sales@transmart.net Make sure to get notified: Check my website: https://www.transmart.netAdd me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Transmart.Ind.Ltd  Add me on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TransmartIndustrialLtdAdd me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/transmart-industrial-limited/  Everything you wanted to know please contact us immediately if you are interested in.
  • Split Nanocrystalline Cores Supplier & manufacturers | TRANSMART Split Nanocrystalline Cores Supplier & manufacturers | TRANSMART
    Nanocrystalline cut cores are widely used in open-type current transformers, sensors, and power inductors and other fields, as compared to conventional silicon steel core, which after cutting permeability silicon steel is nearly 10 times, the loss of silicon 1/3, the price is 50% permalloy, silicon steel is the ideal material substitution and permalloy.Applications· Open-type current transformer·sensor· Power inductors and transformers FeaturesAfter the cut-permeability up to 6000 or more - to increase an accuracy class transformers conventional open type· Cutting loss (16KHz / 37mT) 1/2 is amorphous, silicon steel 1/6 - reduce the heat and improve the service life of the finished inductor* Excellent linearity - 20% better than the same specifications silicon steel Linearity· Excellent Excellent value for money - the price of permalloy 1/2
  • Customized Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke Core manufacturers From China Customized Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke Core manufacturers From China
    TRANSMART Customized Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke Core manufacturers From China,Various types magnetic materials available: Silion Steels,  Nanocrystalline ribbon, Amorphous Ribbon, Mumetal
  • Intro to Current Transformer Nanocrystalline Cores TRANSMART Intro to Current Transformer Nanocrystalline Cores TRANSMART
    Current Transformer Nanocrystalline CoresThe properties of nanocrystalline alloys present a unique combination of low losses and high permeability achieved by NiFe alloys and cobalt amorphous alloys, but with a saturation much higher than either of these materials can offer. Nanocrystalline cores offer better performance than NiFe cores, both in permeability throughout the B/H curve and also higher saturation induction. With respect to silicon steels the saturation is lower but due to the chemistry and thickness, of the ribbon, the power loss is also much better.Core packagingCore packaging can be plastic case , metal case, insulation taped or epoxy coating.Stainless steel and Aluminum materials are available for metal case.PBT, PA66 and DMC materials are available for plastic case.Nanocrystalline Split cores also available to meet the increasing demands of easy assembly Split Transformers.Other shape cores such as Rectangular cores and Stadium Cores can be customized to your requirements.ApplicationsCurrent transformers with 0.2, 0.2s, 0.1 accuracy class. Bushing current transformer for gas insulated or oil-immersed switchgear . Lv, Mv & Hv switchgear, and other apparatus in electric power transmission. Features1.      High permeability2.      Minimized current measuring error in CT3.      High saturation induction4.      Small size and light weight compared to Nickel alloy CT5.      Excellent thermal stability can work at -55℃ -120℃ for long time6.      Low cost/Good linearity7.      Protection with plastic case and boxes also stainless steel cases8.      Wide range of permeabilities
  • Nanocrystalline Cores Emc Common Mode Choke Core For Converter Nanocrystalline Cores Emc Common Mode Choke Core For Converter
    COMMON MODE CHOKE CORENanocrystalline material with high and stable temperature characteristics is suitable for the radio noise and line noise filters of various inverter devices, switching mode power supplies and signal lines.For EMI-noise suppression in switched mode power supplies, frequency inverters and many other applications, nano-crystalline 1K107 cores offer significant advantages in volume and magnetic properties.APPLICATIONSEMC filters / Automotive partsSwitch-mode power supplies / Solar invertersFrequency converter / Wind generatorsHome appliances / UPS / Welding equipments

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