M3 Carlite Tape Wound Core Products | TRANSMART

M3 Carlite Tape Wound Core Products | TRANSMART

Tape wound toroidal cores made from soft magnetic materials such as silicon steel, nanocrystalline, and amorphous alloys. These cores made by winding thin strips of grain oriented silicon steel tape or alloy tape around a core fore. The tape is tightly wound to create a toroidal shape, providing a closed magnetic circuit. The alloy consists of the tiny crystalline grains and disordered atomic structure, resulting in high magnetic permeability and low core loss.


These cores are widely used in electrical applications. Let's explore their features, and applications:



1. High Efficiency: All three soft magnetic materials offer low core losses, enabling efficient energy transfer and reduced power losses.


2. Compact and Lightweight: The toroidal shape of the core provides a compact design, suitable for space-constrained applications. The use of thin tape also results in lightweight cores.


3. High Magnetic Flux Density: Silicon steel, nanocrystalline, and amorphous cores can handle high magnetic flux densities, allowing for high power density designs.


4. Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): The toroidal shape reduces electromagnetic radiation and minimizes EMI.



1. Transformers: Tape wound toroidal cores made from these soft magnetic materials are commonly used in power transformers, audio transformers, and instrument transformers. Their high efficiency and low losses make them ideal for power distribution and voltage regulation.


2. Inductors: These cores find applications in inductors for filtering, energy storage, and power factor correction. The compact design and high magnetic flux density make them suitable for high-frequency applications.


3. Current Sensors: Tape wound toroidal cores are used in current transformers for measuring and monitoring electrical currents. The high accuracy and frequency response of these cores make them suitable for power quality monitoring and energy management systems.


In summary, tape wound toroidal cores made from soft magnetic materials like silicon steel, nanocrystalline, and amorphous alloys offer high efficiency, compact design, and low losses. They find applications in transformers, inductors, and current sensors, playing a crucial role in various electrical systems.

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